Why Moon Lighting LED

Our specialty line of LED specification-grade, high-output innovative LED luminaires has given architects and engineers, nationwide, the reason to rewrite their specifications. Utilizing not only the most current LED technology and drivers, coupled with premium optics and thermal management techniques, we have raised the bar to a new level.

Moon Lighting continues to innovate relentlessly, which a goal to dominate every market in which it competes. In the fixtures that light our homes and streets, the solar panels that generate our electricity or the cell towers that link us all, Moon Lighting produces high-performance, high-efficiency solutions that empower and improve lives.

There's an LED light bulb for every home lighting need, including ceiling lights, kitchen lighting, vanity lights, workshop lights, foyer lighting, closet lighting, stair lights, desk lights, basement lighting, and garage lights. LED lights range from common A19 LED globe bulbs, vintage LED bulbs, decorative light bulbs, and C7 bulbs to LED panel lights, T8 bulbs, flood light bulbs, spotlight bulbs, and LED can lights.

Commercial LED lights are perfect for shop lighting, retail lighting, office lighting, supermarket lighting, garage lighting, trade show lighting, hospital lighting, school lighting, and more. Products include LED tube lights, LED can lights, LED panel lights, LED garage/shop lights, and many more bulbs and fixtures in several color temperatures. High-CRI LED lights are also available for applications where depth of color is critical.

We have worked with over 400 groups to provide custom services, and industrial and hazardous location LED lights.  The combined experience of this many projects allows our team to have a vast knowledge base and an adaptability to figure out what you need for your particular application.