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Industrial & Warehouse

Industrial LED lighting provides powerful, long-lasting illumination for warehouse lighting, high-bay lighting, low-bay lighting, and wet location lighting. Products include LED flood lights, LED parking lot lights, LED tunnel lights, and replacement bulbs.

Outsized spaces gain outsized benefits from Moon Lighting LED lighting solutions. The bright, even illumination speeds production and helps identify parts, isolate problems, and avoid on-the-job accidents. Virtually zero maintenance minimizes work stoppages for lamp changes. Moon LED lighting renders colors more accurately with less heat, gains efficiency at lower temperatures and saves up to 70% on energy costs. Zero strike time is a bonus. Go big. Go Moon LED lighting.

Air travel requires lots of travel right here on the ground. Moon Lighting LED lighting solutions provide bright, even illumination along airport access roads, parking lots, walkways, corridors and concourses, slashing energy consumption and maintenance costs by double digits. Moon’s technology reduces energy-wasting light spillover and enhances security. Book Moon LED lighting and watch safety levels and energy savings take off.

Offices & Commercial

Commercial LED lights are perfect for shop lighting, retail lighting, office lighting, supermarket lighting, garage lighting, trade show lighting, hospital lighting, school lighting, and more. Products include LED tube lights, LED can lights, LED panel lights, LED garage/shop lights, and many more bulbs and fixtures in several color temperatures. High-CRI LED lights are also available for applications where depth of color is critical.

Medical facilities gain a healthier diagnosis with a dose of Moon® LED lighting. Moon  Technology delivers clean, bright light and accurate color to assist diagnosis and treatment and create a tranquil environment. Outside, Moon® LED lighting provides parking structures and exterior grounds enhanced safety and security. Plus Moon luminaires require virtually no maintenance for decades, cut energy costs by as much as 80 percent, and eliminate the toxic wastes of fluorescents and CFLs. Moon® LED lighting. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Retail lighting has to be top shelf to reach clear to the bottom shelf. This is where Moon® LED lighting really shines. Moon®  Technology casts light with highly accurate color, and plenty of it, eliminating shadows and dark spots. Outside, Moon luminaires with TrueWhite Technology ensure shoppers are greeted by well-lit, reassuringly inviting parking lots. All this top-shelf lighting comes with minimal maintenance at low, low energy costs.

Residential & Domestic

What light through yonder window breaks? Glad you asked, Romeo. That would be the glow of Moon® LED lighting, perfectly matching the warmth of traditional incandescent but using a fraction of the energy to do so. Choose warm 2700K light or cool 5000K daylight for nearly all of your home lighting — three-way bulbs, floods, spots, downlights, linear surface luminaires, whatever — all fully dimmable and mercury-free.

There's an LED light bulb for every home lighting need, including ceiling lights, kitchen lighting, vanity lights, workshop lights, foyer lighting, closet lighting, stair lights, desk lights, basement lighting, and garage lights. LED lights range from common A19 LED globe bulbs, vintage LED bulbs, decorative light bulbs, and C7 bulbs to LED panel lights, T8 bulbs, flood light bulbs, spotlight bulbs, and LED can lights.

We carry LED lights for every outdoor lighting or landscape lighting need, including patio lights, deck lighting, path lights, pond lights, fountain lights, tree uplighting, and more. Available in various colors and styles, we offer a wide selection of popular lights, such as LED flood lights and spotlights, G9 LED bulbs, G4 LED bulbs, retaining wall lights, and well lights.